08-89 70 00



You are most welcome to contact us if you need support, help or advice. Or if you are just curious about our organisation.

Contact us in the way you prefer. 

We are open weekdays between 9 am 5 pm.

It is possible to schedule a phonecall after 5 pm.

Phone number: 08-89 70 00

If we do not answer, leave a message and we will call you back.

Text message: 0728-57 02 35

E-mail: kontakt@vasterort.boj.se

Facebook: Brottsofferjouren i Västerort

Instagram: brottsofferjourenvasterort

Brottsofferjouren i Västerort
Loviselundsvägen 28 A
165 59 Hässelby

On mondays you can also find us in Spånga, address:

Spånga-Kista församlingshus
Värsta allé 1
163 51 Spånga

Observe that we only accept pre-booked visits.

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